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The advantages of using OILES #2000 Wear Plate Machining can be performed without worrying about the location of solid lubricant. When compared to the solid lubricant embedded-type, the OILES #2000 is a superior component in terms of wear resistance and resistance to galling. Because the lubricant is dispersed throughout the entirety of the sliding surface, the OILES #2000 is very useful even for minute sliding distance in which the formation of a lubricant coat is difficult. Furthermore, there is no embedded solid lubricant of a cylindrical shape, which allows machining of plate length, width and even holes locations. ●Workability in Comparison with the Solid Lubricant Embedded-Type Machining is possible for user-chosen positions! We do not recommend this type as running of solid lubricant may occur! <#2000 Type> *In this case, additional machining is performed on the customer-end with our standard plates. ■Points to note when cutting / machining ・ With respect to the back steel face, width, length and hole-opening machining, as a basic rule, please perform in accordance with the machining conditions for steel. ・ Do not perform machining on the sliding sintered face. ・ Although the sliding face can be fixated with a magnet vice, please use this product in combination with a fixating jig such as a vice as adhering ability is lower in comparison to steel. ・ The machining conditions below are one example. Blade Conditions Cermet P-Type Speed Cutting depth Feed speed