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Oil Impregnation Method ■Lubricant Oil Selection Guide ●The below chart shows the mounting dimensions for installation using general screws and bolts. *The dimensions in the brackets ( ) are for when using our head screws (LHS-M1020). *Taking into consideration that the concerned materials are for sliding, Depression Depth A is not compliant with the JIS-Standard. Conditions for operation Type of Oil Viscosity Examples Low load / High speed operation Medium load / Medium speed operation High load / Low speed operation Lubricant oil of low viscosity Lubricant oil with little change in viscosity due to temperature changes Lubricant of high viscosity Spindle oil Motor oil Gear oil In cases where Oiles #2000 plate has been machined after purchasing, oil impregnation must be carried out before installation. Also, if it has been stored for long periods of time or has been washed, ensure that it is installed after the re-administering of oil impregnation. As shown in the diagram on the right, in a case full of lubricant oil, immerse the finished product and heat steadily at between 100 and 110 degrees Celsius for between 30 to 60 minutes until gas bubbles cease to form. Retain it there and remove it after it falls to room temperature. When oil impregnation (heat treatment) cannot be performed, put it in lubricant oil after processing for at least 24 hours and then remove it. Lubricant oil Heat source OILES Metal gauze Temperature gauge Type Flat head screw Flat fillister head screw Hexagon socket screw Plate thickness