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Slide Core / Round Inclined Pin How to decide stroke Handling method Normal stroke S : It sets by the distance where the slide plate moves to the edge side of the slide base. ●Available to use with the maximum stroke by detaching the spacer. *The unit can be used by detaching the spacer which is installed for the simplification of building in and the prevention of inclined pin holder is slipping off (stopper) when the mold is reversed. ●As in picture P.20, the unit holding functions of the spacer can be used with longer stroke than standard stroke by setting the collar between the spacer and the slide base. Fixing bolt for standard spacer φ12〜30=M3×6 φ35, 40=M4×6 (Please consult our company about the collar.) ●When the unit is used with longer stroke than standard, prevent the fixing bolt of inclined pin from interfering with the body of mold. It is possible to eliminate adding a relief on the body of mold by using low-profile head bolts. ●Please set the inclination angleα of the inclined pin within 20°. Special orders are available up to a maximum of 30°. 0 0 2 0 0 2 【Fig1: Normal Stroke(S)】 【Fig2: Max Stroke(S1)】 Inclined pin diameter Inclined pin diameter stroke stroke Inclined angle of Base ( ) S: Normal Stroke S1: Max Stroke Inclined angle of Base ( ) Maximum stroke S1 : It is assumed S+2 /3. However, when the slide plate and the installation surface interfere, the maximum value with which it doesn’t interfere is calculated (in   at the table below).    The numerical values : strokes are /3 or less to ensure that there is no interference with respect to the ejector plates and slide plates. S1 (max stoke) does not take into account the interference with respect to the inclination pin holder and the ejector plate. When there is interference, please carry out measures for avoidance such as clearance processing.