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Slide Core / Round Inclined Pin Special Orders for Slide Core Guide Units We provide the following custom-made services in accordance with the needs of our customers. For any types of special orders not outlined below, please contact one of our sales offices. Guide Unit Long-Stroke By using dedicated spacers, collars for extension and accommodating installation screws, long strokes can be handled. Subject Models: ASN12A〜40A, ASA12A〜40A, CSN16A〜25A, CSA16A〜25A, ODSN12〜40 and ODSA 12〜40. We have prepared the following collar lengths. ASN, ASA, CSN and CSA Series: 5mm and 10mm ODSN and ODSA 12〜30 Series: 5mm, 10mm and 15mm ODSN and ODSA 35/40 Series: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm ●In cases a dedicated spacer is installed on one side Example: When installing a 10mm collar to one side of ASN20A-5D ●In cases dedicated spacers are installed on both sides. Example #1: When installing 10mm collars on both sides of ODSN20-5D Example #2: When installing a 10mm collar on one side of ODSN35-10D and a 20mm collar on the other side. (Note) ・Dedicated spacers and collars are installed in a discretionary manner. ・As needed, please switch spacer’s positon on site. ・Please provide us with your drawing or instructions if you need a precise installation. ・Dedicated spacers, collars and installation screws are assembled in the product. ・When modification is performed, we recommend the application of lock-tight etc. on the screw part. ・Depending on the length of the collar, the bolts to be used are either the lowhead screws or the normal hexagon socket head cap screws. ・Please be aware that standard spacers and dedicated spacers have different formations. How to Order Installation Example When extending spacers on only one side by 15mm for ODSN20-10D When installing 5mm spacer on one side and a 15mm collar on the other side of the ODSN20-10D  Collar  Dedicated spacers  Low-profile hexagon socket head cap screws  Standard spacers (Used parts) : 2 : 1 : 4 (two types total) : 1  Collar  Dedicated spacers  Low-profile hexagon socket head cap screws (Used parts) : 4 (two types total) : 2 : 4 (two types total) ●Shapes of Spacers 〈Standard Spacers〉 〈Dedicated Spacer for Long Stroke Applications〉 Installation condition of one side of dedicated spacer Extension Installation condition of both sides of the dedicated spacer Extension Extension Inclination Angle Collar Length Dedicated Spacer Symbol Number of Dedicated Spacers Dedicated Spacer Symbol for the other side