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Introduction Now we have expanded the variations of the OILES Slide Core Guide Unit Series. We sincerely hope that the newer and easier to use OILES Slide Core Guide Unit Series will result in the continuous patronage of our valued customers. ■ Inclination angles from 11 up to 20 degrees have been added for the existing ASN, ASA, CSN and CSA products. ■ Support Guide Pin Types, ODSN and ODSA Type (0 to 20 degrees) have been added to the line-up. ■ With respect to the 10mm plate-thickness wear plate, 14 sizes have been newly added to the 2- Hole-Type CWXT Series and 3 sizes have been added to the CWX Series. ■ The existing CTP series wear plates were renamed CWPT series(p.59). ■ There are more choices in terms of options and special orders. ■ It is compatible with 3D CAD data. Please contact one of our sales offices for data. With respect to special orders related to the Slide Core Guide Unit, collar attachment and long-strokes (50 to 60mm) can be accommodated. (P.20~) This Mark means product is in compliance with RoHS Directive. Contained levels of six materials, Pb, Hg, Cd, CR+6, PBB and PBDE, are within regulation value of RoHS Directive. (As of December 2012) Lead Mercury Hexavalent Cromium Poly-brominated Diphenyl Ether Poly-brominated Biphenyl Cadmium Corresponding to environmental load materials Six restricted materials by RoHS Directive *The picture on the cover is Slide Core Guide Units(Support Guide Pin Type) ODSN16-30D (made-to-order).