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Slide Core / Round Inclined Pin Standard Unit : mm Inner I.D. tolerance (reference) Guide Bush Notch of inclined pin Recommended guide pin diameter ORDERING METHOD 20, inclined angle 11~15° ODAP12 A -adustable rod How to Order Specify the product code according inclined pin. Type of Adjustable Rod (ODAP12.16.20) ・inclined angle 0〜10°: NON ・inclined angle 11〜15 °:A ・inclined angle 16〜20 °:B ODAP12.16.20 are 3 types of adjustable rod according inclined angle of slide base. φ10 φ12 φ16 φ20 φ25 φ30 φ35 -0.025 -0.040 -0.025 -0.043 -0.025 -0.043 -0.025 -0.046 -0.025 -0.046 -0.025 -0.046 -0.025 -0.050 Fixed-screws(Hex socket button screws) DrymetLF Bolt Installation of inclined pin is the same as ODSA standard. Dimension of mating slot (reference value) Height adjustment of inclined pin Center of trunnion Adjustment standard