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Slide Core / Square Inclined Pin Improvement in assembly, disassembly and length adjustment operation of inclined pin. High accuracy and maintenance free are achieved. Charge for fitting process of positioning is set. Conventional structure Knock pin Inclination guide bar ●Because of the structure that inclined pin is tightened from under ejector plate with bolt, assembly, disassembly and length adjustment of inclined pin are easy. *In a procedure of conventional structure that inclined pin was fixed from side with knock pin, assembly and disassembly of inclined pin were allowed only after ejector plate was removed. By offering a charge for fitting process of positioning of 2mm maximum, additional matching is available. ●Upper, lower, right and left directions of a slide plate were processed with high accuracy, and smooth movement has been achieved. ●The movement of the core can maintain high accuracy by allowing 0.1mm clearance on each side. ●When using a unit in loose clearance, it is available by processing knock hole pitch (In the catalog: size W1) on a body of the mold with catalog size +α. *Consult with our sales office when you want to use units in loose clearance without changing knock hole pitch. ●Heightened turning accuracy in trunnion section improves quality. Installation method ●Installation from upper side: A ●Installation from upper side: B ●Installation from lower side: A ●Installation from lower side: B Fixing screw Screw diameter Recommendation torque of tightening screw Stroke table Unit : mm Model S1 : MAX Stroke Model