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How to Order Guide Rail / Plates Standard The sliding direction is all directions. This is an OILES Plate used in machining such as the opening of holes and cutting in accordance with required dimensions. When modifying the thickness, please perform machining on the back steel (SS400) side, not the sintered side. (See P. 9) If machining has taken place, please use only after performing oil impregnation referring to the Oil Impregnation Method on page 10. Please See P.10 for information about attachment screws. Ensure that no marks are left on the sintered layer when performing additional machining. Also, perform chamfering of the corners so that the outer circumference of the plate and the corner bored of the counter holes contain no sharp edges or burrs. Perform additional machining after confirming the steel (SS400) side. (The sintered layered side is the sliding face. There is a sticker on the back-side which, differentiates each side.) (1mm or more) Side in which front-back differentiation sticker is attached