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Oiles bearings are plain bearings that reduce the lubrication quantity and frequency or that can be used without the need for lubrication. The bearings are widely used in cars; AV instruments; office automation equipment; information communication equipment and various other industrial machines; civil engineering structures and dams used for long periods without maintenance; and in space and marine development industries requiring high performance under severe conditions. These Multi-layer bearings are self-lubricating bearings composed of resin and metal. As thin as 0.5 mm, allowing for a compact design. ・ Serviceable without the need for lubrication and demonstrates low coefficient of friction and superior load performance. ・ OILES Compact Bearings are completely : Lead-free. Plastic Bearing and Multi-layered Bearing Compact Bearings OILES #80 Oil-impregnated polyacetal bearings OILES Gritron SE Polyphenylene sulfi de bearings with fillers OILES Drymet ST Oil-impregnated polyacetal multi-layer bearings with back metals OILES Drymet LF/LFCF PTFE multi-layer bearings with back metals OILES Hiplast/HPF Metallic mesh PTFE composite bearings OILES Hiplast E Metallic mesh PTFE composite bearings(Electrically conductive) OILES Drymet LF PTFE multi-layer bearings with back metals OILES Toughmet Solid-lubricant dispersed sintered bearings with back metals OILES #250 Phenolic bearings OILES Fiberflon FW Multi-layer PTFE bearings OILES Lutech S and Lutech E Conductive polyacetal bearings with fillers OILES Gritron F PTFE bearings with filllers