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Metallic Bearings Linear Reciprocating Units Standard parts for press die OILES #300 Oil-impregnated expanded cast iron bearings OILES #500F ●Standard parts for plastic mold are all lead-free. Cast iron bearings with embedded solid lubricant OILES Cam Unit OAHT Series suitable for processing of thick panels and high tensile strength steels. OILES Punch Unit Brand-new piercing unit being embedded in a cam pad. OILES #2000 Sintered multi-layer bearings with dispersed solid lubricant OILES #2000 Bushing CBB Press fitting is possible. Falling out prevention is not required. OILES Cermet M/G Sintered bearings with dispersed solid lubricant OILES #500SP High-strength brass bearings with embedded solid lubricant OILES Bearings are not simply bearings; they are a technology that addresses friction, wear and lubrication (tribology). We have been working on the development of new products that apply such technology. OILES products can be found being put to use in many areas, including in areas such as with Linear Reciprocating Units used for industrial machinery. The scope of usage keeps on growing. OILES standard press die components are a product-line born out of a coming together of a variety of ideas that deal with the problems and requirements encountered by customers, along with our tribology technology cultivated over many years. We hope to develop many more products going forward that meet the needs of our customers.