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1. OILES CAD DATA is free-of-charge. 2. The copyright of OILES CAD DATA belongs to Oiles Corporation Ltd. It is prohibited to transfer or reproduce to a third party without our approval. 3. Information or data herein is subject to change due to model change or discontinued production without prior notice. 4. CAD FILE NAME is the same as the product name. (except, “−”)   EX): ASN12A-10D → ASN12A10D 5. OILES CAD DATA is produced for personal computer CAD. Availa ble CAD DATA is as follows. 6. The scale of OILES CAD DATA is input by 1/1. *The DXF file is an open data format developed by AUTO DESK, US A. Interchange file 3D CAD Data Please inquire of our sales office about 3D CAD data. Homepage The latest data and information are on the Internet. Homepage of Oiles Corporation (http:// www.oiles.co.jp) is also accessible.