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OILES Sintered layer Back steel OILES ●Dramatically reduces galling. ●Feature superior resistance to foreign objects. ●Feature a stable sliding surface which is extremely resistant to wear. Structure and Lubrication Function Porous space Back-steel OILES #2000: Solid Lubricant Dispersion Type Sintered Layered Bearing A special sintered lubrication-free multilayer bearing made by bonding a special composite with superior sliding performance and a steel back-plate under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions. With great wear resistance and multiple layers, this item feature both high strength and high toughness. The sintered body (sliding surface) is composed of three material: (A) a hard structure, (B) a comparatively soft structure and (C) solid lubricant graphite. The solid lubricant is finely dispersed and the lubricant is impregnated within the pours space. Alongside the sliding, the internal solid body lubricant and contained lubricant oil are supplied to the entirety of the sliding surface. Furthermore, as the bonding power between metals of the sintered body is strong, the galling phenomenon becomes more difficult to occur. Even under high pressure, this item is extremely stable in terms of its wear resistance. Its residue-burying performance is also superior. Although linear marks during residue-removing processes are left, the galling phenomenon does not occur and there is no resulting damage to the mating material even if foreign objects are found at the site of the sliding surface. OILES BEARING / Features and Performance When using this item in medium load areas, cutting down on the usage surface area (size and amount etc.) makes cost reduction possible. * Low-profile hexagon socket head cap screws (LHS) are included with CWX and CWXT. (Screws are also sold separately.) ●As the solid lubricant is dispersed, this item can be used in any direction of operation; allowing for superior performance even during minute movement applications. ●Although the product is self-lubricating, we ask that the user perform initial lubrication. ●This feature superior load bearing capability, velocity properties and wear resistance. ●Due to the superior lubrication properties and wear resistance #2000 can be used with no trouble at all in high load areas. ●In comparison with the OILES #500F and OILES #500SP, it has twice the wear resistance and twice the galling resistance, which allows the surface area to be cut in half. ●By using against itself on the mating surface #2000, the occurrence of galling becomes less frequent under very high pressure conditions. This also means superior wear resistance performance. ●There are 6 types to choose from: 20mm thickness (CWP, CWPT), 10mm thickness (CWX, CWXT, and CWA) and 5mm thickness (CWT). ●CWI series plates are available in standard machined stock sizes. It can also be processed according to the required dimensions for use.