press_die   100 / 428



For Piercing/Trimming/Flanging ODTM is a standing type cam unit that suits to piercing, trimming and flange processes. ■Feature ●Just by removing the cam upper plate, the cam slide can be easily disassembled. ●Compact design that has low height and narrow width. ●Easy to arrange radially with chamfered corners on the base. Additional machining code ■Ordering method Ex.: When ODTM62-0D is used Ex.: When additional machining is conducted to ODTM62-0D (Attach the drawing) Standard type Additional machining type Additional machining Specifying method for an additional machining Specify TUI on the order code: Submit a separate work order sheet (drawing). Tapping dowel holes Partial cutting process Consult with OILES sales office. Others ■Cutting process range of the cam slide  The range available for cutting the mounting face of the punch and retainer for installation. The cam slide utilizes, #500F wear plate that is cast steel with embedded solid lubricant. The cam upper plate, utilizes OILES #2000 wear plate. Thus, endurance and sliding capability, as well as economic efficiency are achieved. High performance and compact design Model Machining ability Machining stroke Unit Mounting face (One-million stroke) Width Length Height Width Height Just by removing the cam upper plate, the cam slide can be removed vertically. Therefore, assembly and disassembly are easily conducted. In addition, due to this feature, the maintenance space at the rear section of the unit becomes unnecessary, and the unit can be installed in a narrow space. Easy assembly and disassembly ●Remove bolt  . Remove cam upper plate  . Lift cam slide. ■Additional machining options The following additional machining options are available. Other processes are also available. For details, consult with OILES sales office. Series Maximum range available for cutting 98