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OASA Series is an aerial cam unit suitable for piercing. Selection of units can be carried out according to required working capacity and mounting face dimensions. Standard A Type Long Stroke A Type Wide-long nose A Type Wide-long nose A Type ■Feature ●By self-aligning mechanism, it contributes greatly to the reduction in the number of processes in pierce alignment work. (Refer to the table below) ●There is a rich variation in stroke and slide configurations, making diverse designs possible. ●It features a line-up from 0 to 70 degrees in increments of 5 degrees. ●Super compact design. OILES #2000 wear plate is utilized on the base of the cam slide. Therefore, high wear resistance and galling resistance are achieved. By combining the centers of the cam slide return spring and the guide shaft together, the unit is downsized. In addition, a wide machining stroke and a high final load of the return spring are achieved. High performance and compact design Model Type Machining ability Machining stroke Mounting face (One-million stroke) Width Height Unit Base width Length Height Standard Long Stroke Installation in a narrow space is achievable due to a wide long nose Mounting faces of OASA50-25 and 20 are lengthened for an expanded nose length. In accordance with the design, additional machining at the mounting face is available. Therefore, the unit can be installed in a narrow space. Long nose Model Type Machining stroke Standard Mounting face Machining ability nose length (One-million stroke) Width Height Unit Base width Length Height *Values in ( ) are used when the machining angle is 50° to 70° Wide・Long Nose * * For Piercing Inclined angle Inclined angle Inclined angle Inclined angle 114