press_die   200 / 428



Ordinarily, pre-positioning by driver alignment was unavoidable before positioning of driver and base for piercing. With this cam unit, this process is not required anymore, with a clearance between the cam slide and guide shaft. Location difference between the base and the driver is absorbed in this clearance, easing an assembly. The cam slide is accurately positioned on the V-surface of the driver. Therefore, piercing position is always achieved. Easy piercing One-side clearance, 0.1 mm or wider Bearing Guide shaft Bearing magnified OASL is suitable for piercing of the weather-strip hole on a door inner panel. ■Feature ●By means of the automatic adjustment mechanism, it contributes greatly to the decreasing of processes for pierce alignment work. ●By widening the sliding area, runout accuracy at the piercing end is achieved. ●Piercing, which was not available with conventional cam unit due to the short nose, is available without using a block. ●Additional machining at the mounting face is available in accordance with the design. Long Nose Pierce retainer positioning procedure The retainer can be positioned easily by taking the same procedure as OASA series. Refer to page 115 describing about OASA series for details. Base Shaft Cam slide Driver Clearance, 0.1 mm or wider Clearance Bottom dead point ●Superior maintenance ability due to easy installation/removal of the slide while in the die. ●Removal of the slide is available just by removing a bolt at the upper section. Therefore, installation of the unit is available without worrying about objects at both sides and rear of the unit. ●Convenient when installing many units in a narrow space. Easy installation ●Remove safe plate  . Remove bolt  . SUPER MINI AERIAL For Piercing 198