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OILES #2000 wear plates are utilized on driver cam plate and lower base plate. Therefore, high wear resistance and galling resistance are achieved (Safety factor is approximately double the high-strength brass). High performance and compact design Inclined angle : Inclined angle : Inclined angle : Model Machining stroke Unit (mm) Mounting face (mm) (mm) Machining ability (one-million stroke) Width Length Height Width Height The table on the right indicates the sliding performance that corresponds to the Cam working load in accordance with the production volume. When the unit is operated for higher efficiency than the specified working load, abnormal wearing or galling may occur on the sliding surface. In addition, if the unit is used with the higher working load than the specified value, the unit must be backed up and the return spring should be reinforced. Selection of appropriate Cam working load by production volume Model Machining ability (one-million stroke) Machining ability (half-million stroke) OAST Series is an aerial cam unit that applies V-type driver surface and is suitable for piercing operations. For Piercing ■Feature ●Easy pierce adjustment due to application of the cam bottom method. ●Tool mounting width is same as unit width (100% width efficiency). 204