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For Piercing/Trimming/Flanging Installation/removal of return spring unit is possible without disassembly of the cam unit. Because the return spring has a unit structure, the cam slide can be installed/removed easily. Moreover, the spring unit can be installed/removed from the rear of the slide without removing the slide from the base. Therefore, adjustment/checking of the tool end becomes easy without the spring attached. In addition, when an irregular spring trouble occurs during press production, maintenance is available without removing a die from the press. Assembly and Disassembly The cam slide can be removed perpendicular to the base sliding surface after removing the rear cam upper plate. However, please prepare adequate space for the hexagonal wrench to turn so that the spring unit and upper cam plate can be removed. Easy Adjustment Installation/remove to/from the rear side Cam edge Unit Installation Plate Unit Installation Plate Spring Unit Spring Unit Remove rear safety plate Rear safety plate Rear upper plate Cam slide Spring Unit Spring Unit Remove rear upper plate Remove the spring unit bolt from the rear Remove the spring unit Remove the cam slide vertically Finished *To assemble, please perform the disassembling process in reverse. Panel Upper edge 234