press_die   237 / 428



For Piercing/Trimming/Flanging Cam Unit ■Additional machining options The following additional machining is available. Other processes are also available. For details, consult with OILES sales office. ■Cutting process range of the cam slide The range available for cutting the mounting face of the punch and retainer for installation. ■Ordering method Additional machining Tapping dowel holes Series Maximum range available for cutting (mm) Partial cutting process Others Specifying method for an additional machining Specify TUI on the order code: Submit a separate work order sheet (drawing). Consult with OILES sales office. Standard type Ex: When OAST300A-10D is used Additional machining type Keyed type Additional machining type with key Ex: When additional machining is conducted to OAST300A-10D (Attach the drawing). Ex: When a key is provided to OAST300A-10D *A special key will be provided. (The key is not attached to the main body) Ex: When additional machining is conducted to OAST300A-10D and also a key is provided (Attach the drawing). Additional machining code Code K for keyed type Code K for keyed type Additional machining code 235