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Model Machining Unit Mounting Face Return Force Stroke Machining Ability One-million stroke Half-million Strokes Width Length Height Width Height OAHT56 (Inclined angle: 0〜80°) OAHT75 (Inclined angle: 0〜80°) OAHT120 (Inclined angle: 0〜80°) OAHT series is the aerial cam units that is best suited for dies with thick panels and high tensile strength steels. The slide return force is enforced for processing the thick panels and high tensile strength steels. OILES #2000 wear plates are supplied on all sliding sections of the cam unit. Therefore, high wear resistance and galling resistance are achieved. Due to the OASA structure, the cam unit is considerably downsized when compared to ordinary cam units. The return spring force (final load) is much greater than standard units. High performance, compact design, and improved slide return force ■Feature ●Optimal for machining of heavy plate and high tensile strength steel  ・Highly rigid cam unit  ・High working capacity through the use of OILES #2000  ・Significantly improved cam slide return force ●It contributes a great decrease in man hours with respect to pierce alignment work due to the self-alignment mechanism. ●It realizes the same working capacity of previous products with unparalleled compactness. ●Mounting face widths 56mm/75mm/120mm are lined-up. ●Various work force angles (from 0° to 80° at 5° pitch) ●As an option, mounting installation face width can be specified from 75 to 120 mm (OAHT120 Series) ●As an option, cam slide length can be specified from 118 to 178mm (OAHT120 Series) ●Inclined angles from 65° to 80° are made .to-order. For Piercing *When OAHT120 series is used with the center of processing deviated to one side for more than the slide width (75mm), set the machining ability at 85kN (8.5 tonf) or lower. Comparison in dimension with ordinary cam units Ordinary unit Ordinary unit 282