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Unit disassembly procedure Remove safety plate A . Remove bolt B . Move shaft C to the rear of side. For Piercing 0 1 2 Panel thickness (mm) Cutting length (mm) 3 4 10 40 70 100 130 Application range corresponding to the return force Return force 6% Return force 8% Return force 10% ←B 590 High tensile strength steel/ 60kg level ←@ A C The slide return force (final load) is set high. Choose an appropriate working capacity from the working limit graph. How to look at the cam unit working limit graph Ex: When a 590 high tensile strength steel panel with the thickness of 2.0mm is used with return force factor of 8% @Select the graph for 590 high tensile strength steel for the panel material. AFind 2.0mm position on the horizontal axis (panel thickness). BFind the intersection of the 2.0mm line and the curved line for 8% return force. CRead the cutting length value on the vertical axis for the intersection. DCutting length is nearly equal to 80mm  According to the above result, when the 590 high tensile strength steel panel with panel thickness of 2.0mm and return force factor of 8% is used, rough indication of the machining ability range is φ25.5 or lower / φ20 or lower. Working capacity corresponds with the cam slide return force Easy installation/removal of the cam slide ●Superior maintenance ability due to easy installation/removal of the slide while in the die. ●Removal of the slide is possible just by removing a bolt at the upper section. Therefore, installation of the unit is possible without worrying about objects at both sides and at the rear of the unit. Easy assembly and disassembly 284