press_die   289 / 428



Note: When option A and B is specified. When the unit is used with the center of processing deviated to one side for more than the slide width (75mm), use the lower working capacity of 85(kN) with 0.5 million cycles or lower. For Piercing Wide mounting face and long nose types are available ●Selection of the cam slide nose length is available from 118 to 178mm.  Piercing operations that cannot be achieved by OAHT175 with its short length can be achieved without using spacer blocks. ●Mounting face width can be specified with a range of 75 to 120 mm.  When several piercing operations are carried out, selection of the minimum required width can be selected for mounting face. ◆Option A and B  Mounting face widths A and B of the cam slide can be changed discretionally and separately from 38 to 60 mm. ◆L option  The mounting face of the cam slide can be discretionally moved to the front side in a range of 118 to 178mm. (when an inclined angle is 65° to 80°, only 118mm is available.)  (Make a request by specifying from L118 through L178.)  Option A and B are also available in conjunction with option L. With OAHT 120 series, changing the specification such as to wide type or to long nose type is available for ease of the application. Long Nose Wide type Long type Wide and long type ◆K option  A key can be added to the base. OAHT75/120 option Cam Unit 287