press_die   290 / 428



For Piercing ■Additional machining options  The following additional machining is available. Other processes are also available. For details, consult with OILES sales office. Additional machining Consult with OILES sales office Specifying method for any additional machining Specify TUI on the order code: Submit a separate work order sheet (drawing). Option contents ■Option  The following options are available. Specifying method for an option Specify K on the order code. Specifying method: Specify A, B and L dimensions on the order code. Specify dimensions from the range of available values in the following table. Adding a key Specifying slide nose dimension Specifying mounting face width Standard type Key-attached type Tapping dowel holes Partial cutting process Others Unit: mm Note: Values in ( ) are standard dimensions used when no particular value is specified. *When a work angle is 65°, 70°, 75°, or 80°, only 118mm is available. Dimensions A (Machining direction: Left) B (Machining direction: Right) L (Nose length: Available to   specify at 1mm pitch) Range of values available for dimension specification OAHT120 Model ■Cutting process range of the cam slide  The range available for cutting the mounting face of the punch and retainer for installation. Maximum range available for cutting (mm) Series 288