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■Feature ●Five models available with machining ability, size, stroke. ●With the use of OILES #2000 wear plate on major sliding surfaces, superior wear resistance and galling resistance are achieved. ●The simple structure and short process are achieved due to elimination of the lower die floating structure that is conventionally used for upper bending of panels. Series composition OILES reverse cams (ORCD series and ORCT series) are compact reverse cam units that can bend an upper section of the panel by a direct push-up structure. Model Machining Unit (mm) Mounting face (mm) stroke (mm) Working capacity (one-million stroke) Return force (initial load/final load) N{ kgf} Width Length Height Width Depth ■Cutting process range of the cam slide The range available for cutting the tooling face of the punch and retainer for installation. Additional machining of the front plate is also available. Maximum range available for cutting (mm) Series ●Reverse type cam unit ■Additional machining options The following additional machining is available. Other processes are also available. For details, consult with OILES sales office. Additional machining options Consult with OILES sales office. Specifying method for an additional machining Specify TUI on the order code: Submit a separate work order sheet (drawing). Tapping dowel holes Partial cutting process Others ■Ordering method Additional machining code Ex: When additional machining is conducted to ORCT220-60 (Attach the drawing.) Additional machining type Ex: When ORCT220-60 is used Standard type Ex: When additional machining is conducted to ORCT120-40 and also a key is provided. (Attach the drawing). A special key will be provided. (The key is not attached to the main body) Additional machining type with a key Ex: When a key is provided to ORCT120-40. A special key will be provided. (The key is not attached to the main body) Keyed type Code K for keyed type Code K for keyed type Additional machining code * ORCD120-43 and ORCD120-25 do not have structures for the key attachment. * A special key can be ordered for ORCT120-40 as an option. (Refer to ordering method described above.) * ORCT220-60 and ORCT320-60 provide a special key. Reverse 342