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Precautions on die design (1) Machining ability of the reverse cam unit is assumed to include shape forming of the stroke flange shown below. Shape forming of the stroke flange Restriking Press direction Machining direction Upper die Lower die Bending edge Machining direction Press direction Upper die Lower die Bending edge (For restriking) Upper die Lower die Restriking There is a possibility of unit damage during restriking. (2) When the reverse cam unit is used for restriking, forming reaction force that is larger than machining ability may be applied to the reverse cam unit in accordance with the die adjustment method (press stretch and shim up of bending edge), causing damages. Add (A), (B) and (C) back-ups as shown below, so that the loads exceeding restriking reaction force can be withstood. In addition, add (D) back-up shown below so that the unit surely follows up/down movement of the press.   Make contact to OILES for any questions. [Recommended reinforcement] A: Adding a backup B: Adding a backup C: Adding a backup plate (#2000 wear plate etc.) D: Adding a positive return mechanism (urethane springs , gas cylinders etc.) (3) When the unit is used for shape forming of stroke flange, forming and the reaction force is larger than the working capacity, backups should be used, same as when it is used for restriking. To ensure proper function attach (A), (B), (C), and (D) as shown above. Precaution on usage (1) The stopper and stopper plate of the reverse cam unit are installed to prevent the cam driver and slide from falling during die inversion. They are not used for stopping the cam-driver from being lifted during shape forming (production). When the unit is used with high pressing speed, confirm that the cam driver and the stopper are not contacting each other. (2) When an additional push of the press shut height or shim up of the cutting tool may cause excessive machining up, this can lead to damage of the unit. (3) To maintain the sliding performance, lubricate the sliding surface when the unit is used for the first time or after disassembly and assembly. Reverse Cam Unit 343