press_die   358 / 428



■Assembly/disassembly method ■Ordering method Additional machining Specifying method for an additional machining Machining for steel part mounting Machining for bolt and dowel pin holes for steel parts Scrap hole machining Others Specify TUI on the order code: Submit a separate work order sheet (drawing). Consult with OILES sales office ●Remove safety bolt . Remove end plate . Withdraw slide from the rear side. Ex: OAD 150 150 - 2.5D - A - 75 X 75 X 460 - 40 X 150 When the guide cam spring is A type. W1=75, W2=75, L=460,R1=40,R2=150, θ=2.5° *For the range available for each specification, refer to the list on page 474. *These unit are made-to-order. Contact OILES for delivery dates. Machining Cam inclined angle Cam slide width Guide cam width Model name Cam type Dimension of insert punch mounting face Spring type for guide cam A: A Type B: B Type C: C Type Upper plate position and length ■Additional machining options  The following additional machining is available. Other processes are also available. For details, consult with OILES sales office. OAD series 356