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■Feature ●Standardized cam return force (Initial load/final load)/ and stroke  ・Realizes the reduced design time.  ・Contributes to eliminating a mistake in selection.  ・As it is a preassembled unit, initial load adjustment work is not   needed.  ・It restrains cam slide jumping in high speed press machines. ●Attach the guide shaft directly onto the die.  ・As it has been made compact, designing the surrounding area is   easy.  ・Back-up space at the rear side of the block becomes unnecessary.   (Please see page on the right) ●Rich variations and selection widths are available.  ・Selection width   Cam Stroke: 1 to 110mm   Cam return force: Initial load 275 to 5667N / Final load 3296 to   12751N   (The initial load / final loads differ depending on each part number) ■Application Examples  (when dead center) OSJL/OSJM/OSJH Series Greatly shortens design time for dies! Plate cam slide Driver Spring Slide Plate Guide Shaft Nut 380