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With existing products, die design requires back-up behind the block . However, with the OILES Spring Set, space for backup is no longer necessary as the guide shaft and die are directly fixed. Back-up space behind the block is not needed! (1) Please be aware that there is a large initial load on the springs. (2) Please ensure that you begin from the double nut-side when performing disassembly work. After fastening, please confirm that the distance between the plate end and the slide plate end is [L1+30]. In cases where it is more than [L1+30] tightening the double nut will be insufficient. (3) Do not under any circumstances perform disassembly work from the plate-side. Precautions Existing Products Spring Set cam slide cam slide Plate Slide Plate Guide Shaft Example: Spring Set OSJL60-175-60 Nut Long Short Spring Set 381