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Standard Ex.: Included screws Size amount Dedicated screws included ●Because this item adopts the OILES #2000, which is superior in terms of wear resistance and load resistance in the sliding surface, the frequency of die corrections resulting from galling can be dramatically reduced. ●Even when using #2000 plates in precision applications, adjustments are made easy by shimming or grading the back side. ●Clearance adjustment without removing the die from the pressing machine is possible. Screw precision JIS B1176 *Screws for installation are included. Precision classification 12.9 (About the included screws) With respect to the included screws for installation of the MGB Guide Bar, the fastening lengths into the die body are designed as “screw diameter × 2.0 or over.” In case there is not enough fastening length, we recommend you to purchase longer screws. 36