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Process time is greatly reduced for piercing alignment work by means of a new piercing mechanism. Also, by using a compact punch unit, both piercing in areas where the cam unit cannot be used and the reducing number of processes become possible. ■Feature ●Unlike ordinary piercing, there are various merits as piercing is performed through dependence on button dies. ●In comparison to existing piercing, creating a large clearance (0.4 to 1.5mm) between the punch and the button die is possible. This means that holes can always be opened even if the punch and button die are eccentric. ●Greatly reduces pierce alignment work. ●The panel and punch do not make contact. This means there is no burr on the panel. ●As it is machining by tearing off, there is no creation of cutting powder (shearing powder) when piercing aluminum panels, which is different from shearing process. ■Application Examples for Breaking Punch Used with a Cam Unit Used when directly installed to a piercing die Used as a punch unit built in a pad Breaking Punch Punch Unit 390