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■Precautions when using the Breaking Punch ・ Even in the case in which hole-opening is performed using the Application Range Table on page 393, there is a chance that a more appropriate hole does not open as a result of the plate thickness, materials and pierce conditions. ・ Please control the edge of the button die. ・ Please do not use punch with damaged projection tip. There is a chance that appropriate hole-opening cannot take place as the scrap is not retained when there is a lack of protrusion height. ・ Please ensure that there is no space between the panel and button die. If there is a space, appropriate hole-opening may not be possible. Scrap is retained Scrap is not retained Punch Panel Button Die No space between it and the panel Space between it and the panel Eccentricity less than 0.2mm Eccentricity 0.2mm or over is impossible Less than 0.2mm 0.2mm or over ・ Make the eccentricity of the punch and the center of the button die less than 0.2mm. *The less eccentricity there is, the greater the quality of the hole (burrs). Breaking punch Breaking Punch Punch Unit 395