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Greatly reduces the die design time! New OILES Spring Sets Now on Sale ★No need to select springs and brackets individually. ★Compact design allows for easy installation in the limited area. ●Predetermined cam return force (initial load, final load) and stroke settings greatly saves design time. ・Contributes to the elimination of selection errors. ・The preassembled component eliminates initial load application during installation work. ・Suppresses the ejection of cam slides such as with high-speed presses. ●Bolt the guide shaft directly to the die. ・Compact design makes the die design more simply. ・A back-up space behind the block is unnecessary. ●Rich variety and range of selection. ・Range of selection Cam stroke: 1 - 110mm Cam return force: 275 . 5,667N (Initial) / 3,296 - 12,751N (Final) (Initial and final load values vary depending on the each model) ■ Feature New OILES Spring Sets 1