press_die   400 / 428



Flat type Front side of the pad (Front surface of the structure) Inclined type ■Example of the punch unit installation Structure ●This unit consists of the following five components: @ Slide, A Unit punch, B Case, C Spring and D Stopper bolt. You can disassemble this unit by removing the stopper bolt. Back side of the pad Spring Unit punch (Breaking punch) Stopper bolt Slide Case ■Feature ●It is a new type of hole-opening device that is implanted into the pad and used. ・Hole-opening by breaking punch. ・Layout is possible facing against the processing face. Thus, stable piercing conditions can be secured. ・Contributes to the shortening of processes as hole-opening is possible even with respect to areas in which piercing with a cam unit is difficult. ●Small and light. ・Size and weight that can be easily picked up with one hand (approx. 1kg) ●Reduces Punch and Button Die Alignment Work. ・Eccentricity of up to 0.2mm can be allowed, reducing the adjustment work. ●Round hole-punch diameter of 4.5mm to 21mm accommodated. Breaking Punch Punch Unit OPF and OPA Series 398