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Do not pad-locked the unit. Secure the contacting surface. Fixing bolt The punch stays inside of the dice; therefore, the unit gets damaged by lifting the upper die. ●Please do not use units in which the projection tip has been damaged. ●When a height of the projection is insufficient due to breakage, the scrap cannot be held and holing becomes unavailable. ●Conduct the sliding operation of the pads. However, before sliding and adjusting the pad, be sure to remove the punch unit. ●Before conducting the initial punching, be sure to confirm the deviation between cores of the punch and the dice. ●Do not pad-lock the unit.  (When the upper die is lifted with the unit being pad-locked, the unit gets damaged with the punch stayed inside of the dice.) Precautions (Die manufacturing, productions) ●Apply an agent to prevent loosening of the fixing bolts. ●Adjust the contacting condition the sliding section. Scrap is held Scrap is not held Punch Unit Punch Units 403