press_die   40 / 428



●Adjust the thickness by grinding the back-side of the #2000 Plate or perform a shim-up. ●When adjusting thickness, perform machining on the back-steel (SS400) side. ●When dealing with a shim-up, refer to the right-side chart for plate dimensions and installation-hole pitch. ●Even in cases where damage is caused to the sliding surface in the form of dents or scratches, correction is possible by exchanging the #2000 plate. ●We ask that you order a CWX part number on the chart on the right when you exchange the plates. ●Perform thickness adjustment work by grinding/shim-up after the plate is exchanged.  Note) Be aware that the plate exchange may not equal the initial dimensions. ●Please See P. 24 for CWX. ■Correction Methods and Adjustment for precision positioning. Standard 38