press_die   64 / 428



Product Introduction Product Introduction ●Most suitable for piercing of door inner panel weather-strip hole due to its long nose. ●By widening the sliding area, runout accuracy at the piercing end is secured. ●Minimizes pierce adjustment process. (V-driver applied) ●Easy installation/removal of the cam unit. ●Final load of the cam return spring is set at 15% or higher of the machining ability. ●Safety design that has the positive cam return mechanism and the center bar safety stopper. ●All bolts that are securing components are lock bolts that prevent loosening of components. Machining ability ●Easy pierce adjustment because of cam bottom method. ●Jig attachment width is same as unit width. (100% width efficiency) ●All models contain a cam positive return and cam slide prevention bolts. Machining ability Feature of OILES Cam Units Super・Long Nose Series 62