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Cam Unit Plate thickness Hole diameter Trimming・Piercing Force Piercing force Punching profile length(punch circumference = πd) Panel thickness Shearing resistance Without shear With shear Shear = Panel thickness Shear = Panel thickness ●The calculations are reference value shown below. ●Please study, the resiliency of pad or urethane retainer and add to required piercing force. Unit Refer: F (kN) {tonf} = (mm) × t (mm) × τ(N/mm2) {kgf/mm}/1,000 Shea resistance: τ=392N/mm2 {40kgf/mm2} Material Data (Shear Strength, Tensile Strength) Soft Hard Soft Hard Lead Tin Aluminum Duralumin Zinc Copper Brass Bronze Nikel silver Silver Hot rolled steel plate Cold rolled steel plate Steel plate for deep drawing Steel plate structure Steel plate structure Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Silicon steel plate Stainless steel plate Nickel or over or over 67