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Cam Unit Caution for mounting Cam Units ●Shut height should be set so as not to exceed maximum stroke.  Otherwise various parts of cam unit may be damaged. ●Punch retainer should be installed within mounting face area.  Installation of punch retainer at the center of the mounting face is recommended. ●If you wish to use beyond allowable capacity, use of additional spring such as urethane stripper is recommended. ●Use of keys or back-up is required depending on Working Force. ●Initial lubrication is very important to allow a break in period for the cam unit assembly. Be sure to lubricate the slide, gibs, wear-plates and all other wear surface with lithium grease. ●When re-assembling the cam unit, be sure to fasten bolts or screws used for the unit at proper torque, and to apply locking agents to bolts or screws. Caution 71