press_die   92 / 428



Just by removing a rear bolt of the center bar, removal/installation of the center bar from the clamp plate is made easy. Assembly and disassembly of the cam slide body are easily carried out. Easy assembly and disassembly ●Remove rear bolt  . Move guide shaft   to the rear of side. Lift cam slide  . For Piercing ODCB series is a Die mount cam unit, of which the cam slide can be removed, with the piercing punch installed. ■Feature ●The cam slide can be removed without removing the retainer and/or piercing punch. ●The unit width and the mounting face width are the same, making it compact. (Inclined angle of 10-15°) (Inclined angle angle : 0°) Compact design with long stroke of 55.0 mm and 75.0 mm. Corresponds to deep structure such as a door inner. Clearance Panel Stroke Easy to use due to long stroke Due to the use of OILES #2000 wear plate on the lower plate, superior wear resistance and galling resistance are achieved. With the center bar structure, the body width is equal to the punch installation faced width. Therefore, compact design is achieved. High efficiency and compact design Model Machining Ability Machining Stroke Unit Mounting Face (one-million stroke) Width Length Height Width Height 90