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Aerial Cam Units (OASL) Super Long Nose

Super Long Nose Cam Units

OASL is suitable for piercing of the weather-strip hole on a door inner panel.


●Most suitable for piercing of door inner panel weather-strip hole due to its long nose.
●By widening the sliding area, runout accuracy at the piercing end is secured.
●Minimizes pierce adjustment process. (V-driver applied)
●Easy installation/removal of the cam unit.
●Final load of the cam return spring is set at 15% or higher of the machining ability.
●Safety design that has the positive cam return mechanism and the center bar safety stopper.
●All bolts that are securing components are lock bolts that prevent loosening of components.

For detailed product specifications, check with the electronic catalog.

Electronic catalog

It is written the service range, the test data, and the standard size table, etc.

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