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Hem Link Units


1. Downsized by applying the compression spring method.
Conventionally, hem link units for pre-hen processing had been applying extension spring method for returning the bracket. However, OILES succeeded in applying the compression spring method, resulting in downsizing both depth and width of the unit dimensions. That greatly contributed to broaden the possibility of hem unit design.
2. The compression spring method has been applied (Conventionally, extension spring method was mainly applied) for bracket return springs.
①Safe and easy installation/removal of the spring (unnecessary to worry about finger-pinching accidents).
②Spring durability has been improved.
③Initial pressure adjustment of the spring became available; therefore, adjustment of the bending edge can be easily conducted. Refer to the figure below.
3. ISO springs are applied for return springs which improves availability.
4. Selection of spring types are available in accordance with weights of a bending edge (including bracket weight).
5. Selection from three types of moving methods are available.
[Single link, parallel link, double-motion (single+ parallel link)]
6. Selection of the installation face type is available in accordance with installation method of a bending edge.
7. The unit has a double motion link that uses a parallel link mechanism for pre-hem process and a single link mechanism for clearance of the bending edge.
8. The unit has the return force enforcing unit for the double motion link as an option.
9. Selection of a driver is available in accordance with the unit type, height, cam type, and installation position (RH/LH) of the position return.
10. Maintenance of the single link bending edge (including a corner link) became easier. By removing a stopper, 90 degree rotation of the bracket is possible as shown in figure below.

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