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OILES Mechanism of Seismic Isolation Bridge

What is the Seismic Isolation Bridge?

The bridge type that survives the earthquake by the elongated period of seismic movement and damping effect, supporting the beams utilizing the seismic isolation bearing to cope with the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake class earthquakes.

Seismic Isolation Bridge – Elongates the period and damps the vibration with LRB.

Multilayer Rubber (Isolator)

Load Supporting Function/ Rotational Absorption Function

The steel reinforced rubber will firmly support the bridge.
High rigidity in the vertical direction as compared to the single rubber provides with the stable support of the structure.

Load Supporting Function

Horizontal Elasticity Function (Elongation of period)

Transforms the vibration of earthquake to a slow movement.
The softness in the horizontal direction will calm down the severe vibration of earthquake and elongate the period of vibration of bridge.

Horizontal Elasticity/Elongation of Period

Restorating Function

Returns the Structure to the original position.
The restoration force of the rubber will return the structure to the original position after the earthquake terminated.

Lead Plug (Damper)

Damping of Vibration/Control of Displacement

Vibration Damping Function/Displacement Controlling Function

Damps the large vibration of the structure.
The Lead Plug will be plastically deformed along with the deformation of multilayer rubber to absorb the seismic energy, quickly damps the vibration, and controls the displacement due to the earthquake.

Trigger Function

Depresses the vibration other than the earthquake.
High rigidity of the lead plug will hold the structure until the external force becomes as high as a certain level to prevent the vibration due to the traffic vibration or the strong wind.

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