Bearings OILES bearings are plain bearings requiring no lubrication or greatly reducing a frequency and amount of lubrication. They are widely used for various industrial machines, including the automobiles.


Lineup of bearings

Oiles Bearings
Self-lubricating Bearings

Compared with normal plain bearings, OILES bearings are superior in wear resistance, seizure resistance and friction properties, and realize performance enhancement and maintenance-free devices.

Die Components

High-performance die components with OILES bearings, allowing compact design.
- for Press die components
- for Plastic mold components

Slide Shifters / Guide Units

Linear reciprocating guide units with OILES bearings superior in wear resistance, load bearing capacity and foreign matter resistance.

Air Bearings

These bearings form an air film against their mating materials to support them in a non-contact manner. Providing superhigh accuracy, superhigh-speed motion and superlow friction, they may be customized according to your applications.

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