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Oiles 50 Polyurethane bearings Feature ●Has superior wear resistance. Demonstrates outstanding resistance against abrasive wear caused by dust and coarse mating surface, in particular. ●Has rubber elasticity and flexibility, superior impact resistance, and large vibration-proof and noise suppressing effects. ●Has superior cold resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance. ●Injection-molded and can be made in complicated shapes. P1000 P5000 P5000D 80℃ 80℃ 100℃ 85 90 95 98 85 90 95 98 . . . . Adipate Type Polyurethane Elastomer Caprolactone Type Polyurethane Elastomer . . 46 53 . . 46 53 59 64 68 74 P1085 P1090 P1095 P1098 P5085 P5090 P5095 P5098 P5059D P5064D P5068D P5074D Types of Oiles 50 Series Type Kind Heat resistant temp. Hardness(Note 1) Characteristics HDA HDD (Note 1)hardness : JIS K 7215durometer hardness HDA-type A durometer hardness HDD-type D durometer hardness .Light load .Impact resistance .Light to mid load .Water reisitance .Heat resistance .Heavy load .Water reisitance .Heat resistance 113Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter