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Oiles Drymet LF Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic multi-layer bearings with back metals Feature ●Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Thin and lightweight for compact design. ●Demonstrate low coefficient of friction and superior load performances in high-load, low-speed conditions. ●Usable at the high PV values even in the middle- and high-speed zones when lubricated. ●Usable in wide temperature ranges from low to high temperatures. Has superior chemical resistance. ●Features superior dimensional stability, mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity. ●The standard products and plate materials are available in various sizes. Service range Lubrication condition Service temperature range ℃ Allowable max. pressure P N/mm{2 kgf/cm2} Allowable max. velocity V m/s{m/min} Allowable max. PV value N/mm2・m/s{kgf/cm2・m/min} Dry −200〜+280 49.0(137){500(1,400)} 0.65{39} 3.60{2,200} The values in parentheses are static bearing pressures, which are the bearing pressures in applications with no motion or very small motion (≦0.0017m/s[0.1m/min]). ※Allowable max. pressure of LFCF is 24.5N/mm2{ 250Kgf/cm2}. image Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic layers with filler Back metal Sliding surface Sintered bronze layer ※The values shown above are typical values, not the standard values. ※The values shown above are values of back metal. Tensile strength Elongation Hardness JIS Z 2241 JIS Z 2241 JIS Z 2244 380{3,875} 27 107 Mechanical properties N/mm{2 kgf/cm2} % Hv 147Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter