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13Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter Oiles Bearings That Meet Advanced Bearing Needs Oiles bearings demonstrate superior effects when used in areas that require long-term maintenance-free use or are subject to deterioration or exhaustion of lubricating oil and severe environments where normal plain bearings may seize earlier. Oiles bearings contribute to improvements, including downsizing and improvements in the performance of devices, service life prolongation, labor savings, energy savings, and pollution protection. In addition, bearings contribute to the saving of resources and offer a solution to ecological problems, since they use less oil and do not require recovery and disposal of oil. Use Oiles Bearings Under These Conditions. Facilities with large loads or moving at low speed where a lubricating oil is not as effective Hot or cold facilities where lubricating oil is not as effective Machines with oscillating or reciprocating motions or start and stop frequently, where lubricant film is seldom produced Facilities that cannot be lubricated for reasons of environmental protection