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Oiles LF Guides Guide unit bearings Design condition Allowable load W Nokgfp Parts No. LFG12-30 LFG16-37 LFG20-42 LFG25-59 LFG30-64 235o 24p 376o 38p 588o 60p 980o100p 1,323o135p 0.67o40p |30`{130 Dynamic Static Allowable velocity m/som/minp Service temperature range 706o 72p 1,129o115p 1,764o180p 2,940o300p 3,969o405p W Temperature range for dust seal. Feature Incorporates Oiles bearings for self-lubricating operations. Features low coefficient of friction and superior wear resistance. Easily mountable. Compatible with ball bearing types. Low prices with simple structures. Unusable under the condition of water, splashing water and high humidity. Standard product 160 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le