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Oiles Hiplast N/E Polytetrafluoroethylene Plastic Composite Bearings with Metallic Meshes Outline of Flange Forming ●The single-flange Oiles Hiplast bushing may be formed into a both-flange bushing easily.  Set a product on the mount housing, carry out preliminary forming once, and carry out final forming. It has much superior assembly performance and economic efficiency than combination of the conventional single-flange bushing and washer.  ※The Drymet LF (t 0.5) also allows flange machining. Contact the nearest sales office for details. (3) Flange bed C A+0.05 +0.03 0.5±0.01 (1) Forming pin A ±0.01 B ー0.02 ー0.05 (2) Rough forming pin A ー0.1 ー0.2 70° B ー0.03 ー0.08 (4) Forming pin guide B ±0.01 A: Forming pin diameter (minimum mating hole diameter ー1 mm) B: Forming flange diameter (flange diameter after forming) C: Upper limit of product flange diameter tolerance + 0.2 mm ●Flange forming jigs  Four jigs are needed to form the flange: (1) Forming pin, (2) rough forming pin, (3) flange bed, and (4) forming pin guide. The dimensions necessary for making the jigs are shown below for reference. Mount housing Product (3) Flange bed Inserting bushing Rough forming (2) Rough forming pin (3) Flange bed Load Flange forming (4) Forming pin guide (1) Forming pin 177Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter