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Oiles 500HP Hard special copper alloy bearings with embedded solid lubricant Features Bears higher loads than the 500SP5. Demonstrates superior wear resistance under high-load and low-speed applications. Service range 500HP SL1 Lubrication condition Service temperature range Allowable max. pressure P N/mmo2 kgf/cm2p Allowable max. velocity V m/som/minp Allowable max. PV value N/mm2Em/sokgf/cm2Em/minp Dry 0.10o6p 1.65o1,010p |40`{150 73i180jo745i1,837jp periodic lubrication 0.25o15p 3.25o1,990p The values in parentheses are static bearing pressures, which are the bearing pressures in applications with no motion or very small motion (0.0017m/s [0.1m/min]). Above values are applicable when solid lubricants SL1 are used. Density Tensile strength Tensile elongation at break Compressive strength Hardness Modulus of longitudinal elasticity. Co-efficient of linear expansion . JIS Z 2241 JIS Z 2241 . JIS Z 2243 JIS Z 2241 . 7.6 540o55p 0.3 490o50piNote 1j HB245 127,000o13,000p 1.8 Mechanical properties g/cm3 N/mmo2 kgf/mm2p N/mmo2 kgf/mm2p . N/mmo2 kgf/mm2p ~10|5 |1 The values shown above are typical values, not the standard values. iNote 1jCompressive strength is 0.2% Solid lubricant, SL401 and SL403 are not lead-free. Please indicate the type of motion (rotation, reciprocating, rotation & reciprocating) for custom-made products. 209Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter