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Oiles Shoe Units Unit bearings Feature Usable as not only movable platens but also various types of shims and spacers. The sliding material is made of Oiles 2000 featuring superior wear resistance. The slide seals are attached to the slide plates, eliminating troublesome adjustment of the slide seals after height adjustment. The height is adjustable in }0.25 to }0.7 mm range. Parts No. Height-adjustable rangei mmj Sliding surface lengthi mmj Sliding area icm2j Load (Note 1) iN/2pcjokgf/2pcp Assumed mold clamping force ikNjotonp Usage in Injection molding machine. PAC30-90 PAC40-100 PAC50-150 PAC60-160 PAC75-180 PAC100-250 PAC125-250 PAC150-300 }0.25 }0.35 }0.35 }0.35 }0.35 }0.7 }0.7 }0.7 55 55 100 110 130 250 250 300 16.5 22 50 66 97.5 250 312.5 450 6,470o 660p 8,630o 880p 19,600o 2,000p 25,900o 2,640p 38,200o 3,900p 98,100o10,000p 122,600o12,500p 176,500o18,000p @ 830 or lesso 85 or lessp 830` 980o 85` 100p 980` 2,450o100` 250p 2,450` 3,920o250` 400p 3,920` 5,880o400` 600p 5,880` 7,850o600` 800p 7,840`12,750o800`1,300p 15,690 or lesso1,600 or lessp iNote 1jLoad is based on the design surface pressure of 1.96N/mmo2 20kgf/cm2p. Oiles Shoe Unit PAC The Oiles Shoe Units are unit bearings developed as shoe units of movable platens for injection molding machines. 241Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter