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Test data Oil impregnation method W Journal rotation test <Testing conditions> Mating material : S45C Pressure: 1.96N/mm{2 20.0kgf/cm2} Velocity : 0.17m/s {10.0m/min} Test time : 100hrs. Finishing method Test piece after sizing Machined test piece 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 Coefficient of friction〔μ〕 0 20 40 60 80 100 Test time〔hrs.〕 Oil impregnation is required for oil-containing OILES bearings such as Oiles Cermet M. If you purchase tube or bar stocks, please follow the procedure below to impregnate finished products with lubrication oil before installation. If these bearings are stored for a long time or if the bearings are washed, re-impregnate before installation. Immerse the products into an oil bath. Heat the bath up to 100 ℃ to 110 ℃. Keep the temperature for 30 to 60 minutes until no more air bubbles come up. Cut the heat source and let it cool down to the room temperature. Take products out of the bath to install. If oil impregnation by heating is not possible, leave the products in the oil bath for 24 hours or more. Operation conditions Low load / high speed Mid load / mid velocity High load / low velocity i.e. Spindle oil Motor oil Gear oil Viscosity 8 to 17cs(t 30℃) 8 to 15cs(t 98.9℃) 100 to 1000cs(t 37℃) Types of oil Selectoin of lubrication oil Lubrication oil of low viscosity Lubrication oil with limited viscosity change by temp. Lubrication oil with high viscosity Lubrication Oiles bearings Thermometer Steel mesh Heat source 246 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le